JPTR FX - Gainsaw

This time we check out the JPTR Fx Gainsaw a big distortion in a small package. Chris - the head behind JPTR FX - says "A gated distortion pedal that will make your entrails boil. Maximum gain and clarity all the time but no feedback noises. Perfect for low tunings." And that's exactly what you get. With a simple volume control there's not much that can go wrong. It's heavy, low noise and really great responding to the volume knob of you guitar. And it eats everything you feed it with!


The gainsaw looks quite simple at the first sight, but it can do much more than you would think. As it is a one knob distortion pedal there aren't many things you can control, but it still manages to fit quite some tonal roles. The gainsaw reacts really sensitive to everything you plug in it, no matter if it's a singlecoil or humbucker loaded guitar, a bass, synth, miked up drums or everything else you could possibly dream of.


And yes, it's a high gain distortion with a lot of output, but it's pretty easy to tame the beast in the little box. You won't get this to a totally clean boost, but who would expect that from a pedal with the name "Gainsaw" anyway? If you are using a single coil guitar or something without insane output it cleans up pretty well if you turn down the volume knob. Whiledoing this, you get a pretty usable overdrive sound that you may not thought of. It's kinda grainy and still has its own character but it sounds dirty in a really pleasant way.


If you turn up the volume knob of your guitar, you get the high gain distortion we all want to hear from the "Gainsaw". It's not a very clean or modern distortion, but has some filthy and fuzzy character with it. So it's more the stoner or doom territory than super tight metalcore. And if you plug it into a already overdriven amp, you get even more of that nasty sound.

Talking about the massive output this pedal is capable of, let's face the fact that you never will miss some output. This thing is super loud and has the power to hit your preamp really hard.

On the other side, it's surprisingly quiet. You could expect some noise when you're not playing due to it's high gain and output level, but it stays remarkably quiet all the time. If you pause playing it's dead silent.


Altogether for a pretty low price point you get a lot of good fashioned dirtyness. If you're looking for some massive gain and evil dirt, you should definitely have an eye on JPTR FX and his Gainsaw.

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