JPTR FX - Super Weirdo

In this Demo we check out the Super Weirdo an "Glitch Superfuzz Time Modulation Unit" from our buddy Chris from JPTR FX.


This may be one of the craziest pedals we have ever played and it's nearly impossible to show everything this pedal is capable of.
And to take it to a complete different level, we paired it with the Earthquaker Devices Rainbow Machine!


We got the great chance to try out the JPTR FX Super Weirdo. What could we say? It's super weirdo! So lets have a look what Chris, the head behind JPTR FX, says about the Weirdo:

“Ranging from grungy doubletracking to weird transdimensional squeals. Everything fuzzed out to the max in one big box of finest filth. This is the gateway to explore your inner weirdo. Freeze your sound via "glitchbutton" and simulate walls of frozen notes or spastic noise attacks.”

Chris' pedal came well packed in a box filled up with straw and some stickers. The pedal itself has a nice look and has a waterslide decal on it, like all of his pedals. But Chris told us that the new batch comes with printed enclosures. And there are these big beautiful knobs on top of the pedal, which we really love. Since the last JPTR FX pedal we had, Chris changed the type of jacks and the new ones are fitting very well. We would say that they are the strongest jacks we've ever seen.

But now we'll keep going into the sound. Chris maxim is "Fuck Your Ears" and this was the first thought we had after plugging the Super Weirdo in. We started with the settings Chris recommended us before: Volume at 9 o’clock, Feedback at max, Tone at noon, Time at 12 o’clock and the Modulation at max. We played a single note and there was something strange and unexpected coming out of the speakers. It was a combination of ferocious fuzz paired with a combination of modulation and delay. We can't really explain the sound, you better hear it for yourself in our video. We were totally overwhelmed for the first minutes, but after playing a bit with the pedal, it becomes clearer and clearer. We decided against Chris’ recommendation, put the modulation to the minimum and started with a massive fuzz sound. After that we brought back the modulation again and it really becomes fun. It is possible to hold a single note for forever. The pedal supports the sustain of your guitar in a nice way but also does this weird modulation thing.

When you play a note and hold the glitch button you get a great glitchy freeze sound. The glitch sound is influenced by the time control, so you can play with that and bring your sound to outta space. The modulation time can also be controlled by an expression pedal.

The time control has also an interesting feature: When the time is at minimum there is no modulation at all. You got this ground shacking fuzz sound. After bringing back the time a bit you get a chorus like modulation to your fuzz sound. When setting the time control to the max there is a delay-modulation-fuzz sound.

For us it is a great tool with some really crazy sounds. This pedal is something we've never seen before. You need some time to understand how it works, but when you like weird sounds from another dimension you definitely should try this beast out and “Fuck your ears”!

Check out the Super Weirdo on the JPTR FX website: