Montreal Assembly - Mashup

This time we tested some of the crazy stuff from Montreal Assembly! Get a short overview of the Your and You're, Positive, Puhzing and Count to five and a combination of all of them. See how the fuzz, overdrive, ringmod and delay machine sound on their own and together!


Do you know these monochrome little boxes from the heart of Canada? Nearly everyone has seen them before, but hardly anyone knows what they sound like. That's why we made a Montreal Assembly Mashup. In this video you will hear the sound of Your and You're, Positive, Puhzing and Count to Five.


Your and You’re

Hidden in this little green wonder box there is a synthy fuzz you may never have heard before. The circuit is based on the "crash sync" by John Hollis.

We begin with the controls! There are two potis, one for volume and one for tone. The amount of gain cannot be varied. In addition, there is a connector for an expression pedal which can control the tone poti. A white status LED indicates the activity of the effect.

The tone control knob controls the frequency of an internal oscillator. The oscillator is driven by the input signal. This results in a really dense and fat fuzz. The Fuzz is a real pusher and works great in combination with an overdrive.



Next, we head over to the Positive overdrive. The circuit is based on Scott's favorite overdrive, the Crowther Audio Hot Cake. The pedal comes in an egg-white housing with a slight greenish tinge. On the top there are potis for gain and volume. There is also a toggle switch for tone. The status is again indicated by a white LED.

The Overdrive delivers a spot on vintage sound. The gain ranges from light boost to singing fuzz sounds. At the original Hot Cake, they later added a presence poti for tone control. Scott, on the other hand, does not use this poti and sticks to the original toggle switch, which switches between flat and mid scooped sounds As we have found out in combination with the Your and You're, the positive plays very well together with a fuzz.



In a black, matte finish comes another crazy creation. The Puhzing is a synthy, gated, fuzzed out, ring modulator. Okay. What does that tell us? This thing is crazy! It is described as the ring modulation brother of the Your and You're...

But first, the controls. Dry for the dry signal, Wet for the effective signal and Freq for the frequency of the modulator. This poti can also be overwritten by an expression pedal.


The most useful sound for us shows up when the dry signal is turned all the way up and the wet signal stays lower than 12 o' clock. If the Wet signal is turned up further, it becomes pretty undifferentiated, muddy and way louder than before. The frequency knob works like the one from the Your and You’re so you can shift it around as you like.

In any case, this device is most usable for experimenting, whether it can get a place in classical orientated music is questionable from our point of view.


Count to Five

The Count to Five is probably the most famous device from Montreal Assembly. In this short mashup we used it as a rather standard delay. But it provides many more possibilities, which we will discuss later in another video.