MrBlack - Bloodmoon

This time we check out the Bloodmoon from Mr Black, a really awesome ambient machine.


The Bloodmoon is a special version of the Supermoon, featuring a full wet/dry mix and a thicker reverb voicing than the standard Supermoon. Let's check it out!



The BloodMoon reverb from MrBlack Pedals is another take on his famous Supermoon reverb pedal. Like the Supermoon Chrome it features a few differences to the original circuit. Jack DeVille the Head behind MrBlack Pedals says "The BloodMoon is built on the foundation of the classic SuperMoon algorithm, but features a full wet/dry mix with a fluid and thick reverb voicing”, so we definitely will check that out.


The pedal itself comes in a small and very modest box, safely packed with bubble wrap around it. It is rather small, like standard MXR size housing and has a very clean finish. The print is in a really high quality and the knobs have really nice feel when turning, smooth but not too loose. It takes its power from a standard center negative 9 volt power supply which you plug in on the right side next to the input jack. That can sometimes be a bit problematic, when you have very huge plugs, but it worked fine for me nevertheless.


Let’s dive into the sound next: The BloodMoon is really a very thick sounding reverb, which is the first impression you get, when you turn the mix and decay control at noon. It’s nothing for the small room but more of an ambient type reverb with lots of decay. The mix knob really lets you find your sound from just a subtle ambience behind your signal to all the way reverberated signal with 100% wet. Same goes for the Decay knob, you can dial in some smaller room type reverb if you turn down this control completely but it really shines at long decay reverb. Fully open the BloodMoon creates a decay which is over 30 seconds long, absolutely massive.


But what really makes this reverb special is the unique “Sway” control, you may already know from the SuperMoon or the SuperMoon Chrome. The sway is a modulation control for the wet signal of the reverb. It warbles and slowly shifts the pitch up and down and the higher you turn this knob, the warblier the sound gets. This really comes through if you turn up the decay and have the mix knob above 11 o’clock. With everything maxed you get a really atmospheric and warbling signal like coming from outer space. And if you turn everything to – lets say 9 o’clock – you get a really usable normal reverb for every purpose.


In conclusion this is one of my ever favorite reverb pedals. It sounds massive and thick and allows you to play really ambient heavy music with just a twist of a knob. Sounds great into a clean amp and at least as nice with some dirt in it. It’s an incredibly versatile pedal and it can really change the way you play your guitar, which I love. The BloodMoon is produced in very limited batches and it’s quite hard to get one, but if you ever have the chance to play one of these, you should just do it!


Check out the BloodMoon on MrBlack’s website: