Old Blood Noise Endeavors - Fault

In this demo we check out the new Fault overdrive/distortion from Old Blood Noise Endeavors. It's a two channel design with shared volume and EQ but a foot-switchable second gain stage. 

OBNE say: "The Fault Overdrive / Distortion is the drive you didn't even know you needed. It can push your amp over the edge, provide a sensitive drive for a clean signal, or act as an all out distortion for your chugging rhythms or singing leads or noise experiments." 

And that's like the perfect description for this monster. Let's check it out!


The Fault Overdrive Distortion Pedal is Old Blood Noise Endeavors’ second drive pedal after the Haunt Fuzz and features a new layout in the OBNE line. Unlike the other pedals it’s the first pedal that comes in a bigger housing and with top mounted jacks.


The Fault comes with a second footswitchable gainstage, an active 3 band equalizer, gain controls for the two gain settings and a master volume. The Bass control is a 100hz shelf, the mid is a 500hz bell and the poti works as a 1000 hz shelf. The first gainstage is controlled with the Gain 1 control and cascades into the second gainstage which you can increase with turning the Gain 2 knob.

The Pedal itself comes in a OBNE typical nice printed packaging with stickers, pleks, a bag and the manual – next to the pedal itself of course. The Fault has a futuristic design and fits perfectly into the rest of the OBNE lineup.

But how does it sound you may ask. Well, it’s a pedal that does everything from a mild overdrive over crunch to heavy distortion. The active EQ lets you shape your sound very effectively. It doesn't colour your tone if you don’t want it to. The style of drive/distortion is pretty modern sounding but you can get some more vintage sounding tones if you dampen the highs a bit and rise the lows.

The two gainstages interact so if the second stage is activated, you still can control some of the gain with the Gain 1 knob. There is a small jump in volume if channel 2 is activated, but it helps cut through the mix as more gain often results in less accentuation. In addition to that channel two more or less starts where channel one ends, so you get various distortion sounds here. Rise the highs a bit, dampen the mids and you get the modern scooped sound that is quite famous in rock and metal genres.


All in all the Old Blood Noise Endeavors Fault is a very versatile overdrive and distortion pedal that covers a lot of tonal ground. You can tweak it to most amps and guitars due to it’s active EQ that works sensational. So if you are looking for one or two drives you should definitely check out the Fault.


You can find more about the OBNE Fault here: