Orion Effekte - Wildkraut Fuzz

In this episode check out the new fuzz device from Orion Effekte, the WildKrautFuzz. It's a new silicon fuzz and we got one before it was even released. So here are the first impressions of this very versatile fuzz.


Translation for the german named knobs:

Pegel = Volume

Höhen = Treble

Tiefen = Bass

Dämpfung = Gain

Sättigung = Saturation



The Wildkraut Fuzz from Orion Fx is his newest take on a fuzz pedal. An evolution from his jubilee 10 Fuzz, which was a one knob silicon fuzz pedal he put out for his ten year anniversary. A rather dirty sounding pedal with hints of an octave-down effect.
And with the Wildkraut Orion Fx takes this circuit to a whole new level of sound, with extended controls on tone (“Höhen” = Treble and “Tiefen” = bass) and two ways to control the gain structure (“Sättigung” = saturation and “Dämpfung” = gain). The gain and saturation controls are very interactive with each other and allow a variety of different gain structures.

The pedal comes with a really nice packaging as always from Orion Fx, a hand printed box, a cotton bag, some pins and stickers. That really shows, how much effort and passion Jan puts into his effects. The design of the pedal with it’s grey painting and typewriter-style labels is very modest but has some nice vintage character. Every control turns smooth and has a nice feel of quality to it. And a really nice feature comes with this pedal that not all manufacturers put into their effects: the possibility
to change the brightness of the LED in two different modes. Very practical feature when you are playing in the dark.



But let’s come to the more important things – the sound. The Wildkraut is a rather vintage sounding device, Jan himself describes it as “dry and bony, very outlandish” which perfectly fits the sound you hear. You don’t get the massive saturation of a big muff with losing all definition and mids, but still a very saturated and clear sound. The saturation control features a wide variation of sounds from slightly overdriven to full out fuzz. It’s very dynamic and it’s reaction to the volume control of the guitar is impressive. You can turn down from Stoner/Doom territory to simple rock or low gain sounds with the turn of one knob. With the saturation kinda low, you get some really gnarly sounds and if you turn up the knob it gets thicker but still without being muddy.
With the same effectiveness you can turn the two knob tone control of the pedal. The treble and bass layout allows you to perfectly fit the sound to every guitar and amp you will plug this device into. From really dark and bass heavy stoner sounds to quite picky lead lines there is a lot of tonal space to discover. But with all it’s different sounds and possibilities it never sounds bad or unusable.
The Wildkraut doesn’t care, which instrument you plug into it – we tried a singlecoil loaded telecaster, a humbucker loaded power-strat and even bass and with every instrument it just sounds like it’s made for this purpose.

In conclusion this is a really versatile fuzz pedal, built by hand and with love for his job. It covers a lot of tonal
ground and if you are looking for a fuzz pedal that doesn’t cope over your sound but adds some new aspects to it, then you really should look into the Wildkraut fuzz from Orion Fx. 

You can find this pedal on the Orion Fx Website: